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    About Beady - The Story

    Our history

    The story of the pearl nerds

    Tablet time. We all know it.

    You've been going all day, playing or working. The day has been long and hard and it's time for peace in the head. But not everyone thinks that should be relaxed. You take the tablet out, pass it on, and the bad conscience hits you.

    Half an hour on the couch is gone. Without movement or play. Enough is enough. You have to play something else, but you don't want to clean up or clean, so the play has to be easy.

    One good game after another is mentioned, but it all requires. You can't tell me you're tired. The tablet wins again.

    ... We want children to become an active part of the game again.

    That's why Beady was born. A wish child who fits into everyday life. It's never been easier to play with pearls than it is now and kids love it! They are actively creating and they achieve pearly results. Results they have the opportunity to proudly show off to both family and friends.