Take your gem photos to the next level! With Beady's bead camera, you can now create the most amazing bead images with your own photographs. You have full control over cropping, number of plates and colors so you can achieve the unique look you want. Get inspired by your best memories and bring them to life with Beady Photo.

Take a picture

Take a photo with your phone or tablet. You can also bring in the image from your camera roll.

Add photo to gems

Use the icon system and find the right bead. Place the bead where the spike lights up on your pegboards.

Swipe photo

Beadys pegs are triangular and lower. This makes the beads stick better and can be ironed more deeply.

Show off

Find a decorative frame and insert your bead photo. Now you're ready to give the best gift in the world.

Beady Photo

Beady Photo

Beady Photo
Sold: 89
Available: 4

Beady Refill 36 x 1000

Beady Refill 36 x 1000
Sold: 36
Available: 5
Beady Pärlplatta (20-pack)
Sold: 83
Available: 17

With Beady Photo you'll get everything you need to get started making unique Beaded Portraits and patterns.

Beady Photo includes:

Access to 100+ bead designs created by bead designers
Access to our step-by-step icon system that makes big and small patterns easy to lay out
Access to Beady Photo - up to 12 plates
18,000 Hama beads in 36 selected colors, sorted in 2 trays with an intuitive icon system
12 Beady pegboards with translucent effect
1 Beady bead scraper