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Ulla Fløe Knudsen

Intet mindre end genialt!

Beady er fantastisk for både børn og voksne. Familien samles til mange timers leg og fordybelse. De kreative motiver, som der løbende kommer nye af og muligheden for at lave sine egne motiver, gør, at man igen og igen tager Beady frem. Børnene øver samtidig finmotoriske færdigheder, koncentration, visuel perception mm. Intet mindre end genialt!

Kamilla S.

Super alternativ skærmtid

Her er endelig en god måde at have skærmtid på for min yngste i familien. Og det sjove er, at hele familien deltager og laver flotte perledesigns. Der var masser af farver at gå i gang med i vores Beady sæt. Beady kan klart anbefales som et godt alternativ til traditionelle perleplader, og giver masser af gode timer.

Michael Vinding

Fantastisk produkt - Masser af sjove timer

Fantastisk produkt, vores piger på 4 og 5 år fik 5 minutters intro til konceptet og så var de selvkørende med Beady. Der er masser af sjove og hyggelige timer i produktet, og selv far og mor nyder også at bygge med pigerne. Kan klart anbefale Beady til alle som kan lide at være kreative med perler.

Vil du mere eller noget helt specielt?

Lav dine helt egne designs med Beady Paint, eller dine helt egne fotos med Beady Photo. Fra 8/10 – 99 år.
Eller vælg én af vores temakasser til vores yngste perledesignere 4-8 år, med 40 helt unikke motiver.

Beady app is the world's best place to find and
design patterns for all those who love beads and creativity. It is a community that grows because we inspire and excite each other.

Founder Nick Højgaard

Signatur fra medejer

Perler på en ny måde

Beady is a creative toy where kids from 4 years old and anyone who loves beads can create the coolest bead designs on their tablet
and phone. BeadyBead Play is hours of fun and entertainment that moves kids from passive screen time to creative screen time. No matter when they choose to make bead designs, there are always new patterns ready in our Beady app.

More and more institutions have been quick to recognize the educational qualities. The ability to improve and train children's fine motor skills, logic, creativity, immersion and imagination, as well as the great collaboration opportunities around large bead motifs.

At Beady we want to reach as many children with special needs as possible. Through testing, we have found that Beady can help create long-lasting calm. Our step-by-step icon system guides children so they can sit quietly and calmly with Beady. Just as positive feedback from parents with visually impaired children tells us that our icon system and the Beady pegboardshelps them to distinguish colors from each other and place the beads without assistance.

If you're looking for a gift for your children or grandchildren, you'll find them here. Afterwards, you don't have to buy new pegboards shaped like patternsbead books or bead sets, as new bead books and bead sets patterns are added to our Beady app. With our unique pegboards translucent effect, 36 selected HAMA bead colors, and the many features and bead designs in Beady app, they can make all patternsany size - whenever and wherever they want. Alone and with others.