Beady Paint is for anyone who loves to be creative and wants to make their very own bead designs.
You can create your unique patterns from scratch or build your bead images with mini patterns. Find your Patterns at for example Pinterest and load them into Beady Paint. Here you can change colors, remove the background, combine the bead patterns, create exciting bead collages and then add patterns by yourself or with your loved ones.

Draw your patterns

Build your pictures with mini pictures

Get your images from Pinterest

Draw your pattern

Draw yours pattern on your tablet. Build your bead design with our micro designs or download patterns from Pintererst.

Add your pattern in beads

Use the icon system to find the right bead. Place the bead where the spike lights up on your pegboards.

Swipe the pattern

Beadys pegs are triangular and lower. This makes the beads stick better and can be ironed more deeply.

Show off

Find a decorative frame and insert your bead creation. Now you're ready for the grand opening.

Beady Paint

Beady Paint

Beady Paint
Sold: 11
Available: 6

Beady Refill 36 x 1000

Beady Refill 36 x 1000
Sold: 36
Available: 5
Beady Pegboard (20-pack)
Sold: 83
Available: 17

With Beady Paint you get everything you need to get started drawing your own bead designs

Beady Paint Includes:

Access to 100+ bead designs made by bead designers
Access to our step-by-step icon system that makes big and small patterns easy to lay out
Access to Beady Paint - up to 9 plates
14,400 Hama beads in 36 selected colors, sorted in 2 trays with an intuitive icon system
9 Beady pegboards with translucent effect
1 Beady bead scraper