Worth knowing about environment

    Beads of plastic comes with a special responsibility. For us and for you. It is our responsibility to produce Beady as environmentally friendly as possible. Yours is to think about the environment and avoid that the products end up in the sea or the waste bin. If you are done playing with your Beady products, you can help make sure that they either live on with someone else or is correctly recycled. Resell Beady, make sure it is correctly recycled or send it back to us and we will then take responsibility.


    It is our hope that we can help each other take care of the environment.

    Recycling means less C02, less air pollution and less damage to our aquatic environment. This is why recycling is important to us.

    Cardboard from the boxes

    When recycled cardboard can be used again and again. Drop it off at the recycling station or the cardboard container.

    The lid from the boxes

    The lid is made from Amorphous Polyethylene Teraphthalate (A-PET), originating from the PET family. PET can be reused again and again for many different products. Maybe the lid from the box will become a sleeping bag, a part for the car or maybe your new fleece jacket for cold winter days. You can hand off the lid at the recycling station in the hard plastics container.

    Beads and windows from the boxes

    The beads and the windows in the boxes are made from polyethylene. If recycled correctly polyethylene can be melted and reused for other purposes. Ask at your local recycling station if you have questions on how to recycle the beads correctly.

    Beady Pegboards

    The Beady pegboards are made from polycarbonate (PC). Polycarbonate is not the best friend of the environment. That is why it is even more important to recycle the material correctly. There are different ways to go: You can either throw it out with your everyday waste. This way it is burned and used for electricity and heat. Or you can drop it off at the plastic container at the recycling station.

    The Beady Scraper

    The Beady Scraper is made from Acrylnitril- Butadiene-Styrene (ABS), the same material as your LEGO blocks. If your Beady Scraper breaks or you are done using it, you can swing by the recycling station and drop it off under plastic.

    Beady facts

    You will find more than 500 designs in our free Beady app. Some of the designs are free, others cost money. To make sure you always have new designs to explore, new designs are continually added to the app. This also means that some designs will disappear when they have been around for some time – but don’t worry. Once you have bought a design, you can always find it under your profile, even though it is not visible in the gallery.

    Beady is compatible with Apple and Android devices. If your device is not on our list of usable devices, you are always welcome to contact us for help.


    iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 PLUS, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 PLUS, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone Xs Max, Iphone Xr, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

    iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad 5. generation, iPad 6. generation, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9,7", iPad Pro 10,5", iPad Pro 12,9 " 1. generation, iPad Pro 12,9" 2. generation.


    Android version 4 or later, and a minimum sk & aelig; rm st & oslash; size p & aring; & nbsp; 4,7"

    We always use quality beads from HAMA. That is your guarantee for quality produced in Denmark. We have a large selection of beads, because the many different colors and shades makes it easier to create vivid designs. To keep track of all the colors we have developed our own unique system of icons. This way It is easy for even small children to tell the different shades from each other.

    Beads the Beady way

    Playing should be easy, and Beady makes it easy to get going, either with help or all by yourself. But the best part is that Beady makes it easy to find the inspiration to let your imagination and creativity run wild. All because the Beady app is intuitive and easy to manage.

    When playing with beady the sky is the limit. Play around with your own designs or be inspired by the hundreds of designs in the free app. In principle, there is no limit to how big the designs can get. The pegboards easily click together thereby making room for your imagination and creativity to unfold.

    The best thing about Beady is the fact that there are no limits to how many friends you can get together and play with beads. The more you are, the cooler and bigger designs you can put together – together. The more the merrier.


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    If your Beady product is broken, we offer a two-year warranty from the day you receive your Beady product. The warranty only applies if the damages is not caused by you. Read more.

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