Whether you want to upgrade your current Beady set with more sheets or just want to get started with your own HAMA beads, order your sheets here.

Our patented plates offer an improved laying experience compared to traditional plates. Beady The plates hold the HAMA beads better during the laying process and the pattern can be swiped directly on top of the sheets. The pads are suitable for both tablets and phones. They have a scratch-free and non-slip backing, which ensures that the sheets do not slip during the laying process. The sheets can be clicked together, making it possible to lay patterns up to 5000 tiles.

Can be put together in a criss-cross pattern

Beads stick better to the beads The pegs

Can be used on both tablet and phone

How to find your right colors in Beady the app.
Under each color, you can see the HAMA code so you can easily find and place the beads correctly.

Find the pattern

You will find 700+ patterns on the app. Over 100 of them are free. Click on it pattern you want to add and you're good to go.

Add pattern in beads

Use the icon system to find the right bead. Place the bead where the spike lights up on your pegboards.

Swipe the pattern

Beadys pegs are triangular and lower. This makes the beads stick better and can be ironed more deeply.

Show off

Your beads pattern is now ready to be hung up or placed on the fridge and shown to the world.

Beady Pegboards

Beady Pärlplatta (4-pack)
Sold: 21
Available: 9
Beady Pärlplatta (8-pack)
Sold: 36
Available: 5
Beady Pärlplatta (20-pack)
Sold: 83
Available: 17
Beady Pärlplatta (50-pack)
Sold: 25
Available: 75
Beady Pärlplatta (100-pack)
Sold: 25
Available: 75