Enjoy hours of creativity and immersion with one of our three Beady Theme sets. Each set contains 40 unique patterns for both boys and girls, so there's something for everyone.

Choose from colorful princesses, cute unicorns or dangerous dinosaurs. It's the perfect starter set or an ideal gift for a loved one.

Featuring Beady Theme, you can enjoy hours of entertainment, immersion and togetherness with the kids.
So grab the opportunity and get your Beady Theme set today!"

Choose from 40 unique patterns

18 selected HAMA colors

Add pattern on both phone and tablet

Select your pattern

You'll find 40 unique patterns in the box. Click on it pattern you want to add and you're ready to go.

Add pattern in beads

Use the icon system to find the right bead. Place the bead where the spike lights up on your pegboards.

Swipe pattern

Beadys pegs are triangular and lower. This makes the beads stick better and can be ironed more deeply.

Show off

Your pattern is now ready to be hung up or placed on the fridge and shown to the world.

Beady Theme

Beady Princesses & Heroes
Sold: 91
Available: 9
Beady Magic & Universe
Sold: 36
Available: 5
Beady Fantasy & Dinosaurs
Sold: 83
Available: 17

With Beady Theme you get everything you need to start creating bead designs like a real bead designer

Beady Theme includes:
Access to 40 unique bead designs made by bead designers
Access to our step-by-step icon system that makes big and small patterns easy to lay out
4,500 Hama beads in 18 selected colors, sorted in 2 trays with an intuitive icon system
4 Beady pegboards with translucent effect